Helping Patients Find High-Quality Care After Hospitalization

It is widely understood among healthcare providers that not all skilled nursing facilities are created equally. Many of these facilities are simply not prepared to handle high-acuity (in other words “very ill”) patients – they lack high-quality medical direction to deliver appropriate interventional care when needed.

For patients that require near hospital-level care in a rehab setting, selecting a high-quality provider is crucial. ARMS provides high-level medical direction and bedside care for several skilled nursing facilities in the greater Indianapolis area. These partnerships between ARMS and rehab facilities  have consistently reduced returns trips to the ER and hospital.

ARMS is made up of a dedicated group of multi-specialty physicians and nurse practitioners who work as a team to improve quality and personalization of care in partnering rehab centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, hospice and assisted living. ARMS partners with nursing facilities that are making improvements in quality a priority.

What Makes ARMS Better?

The physicians and nurse practitioners with ARMS embrace the medical needs of patients to get them back on the road to recovery. The care model at ARMS is based on using providers that have extensive experience caring for hospitalized patients; this experience gives the ARMS team an unprecedented comfort level in resolving problems quickly, and efficiently, and allows them to deliver a higher level of care that was previously unheard of in a rehabilitation setting.

ARMS providers lead the quality efforts at partnering facilities. They offer unsurpassed accessibility and guidance to the care team and work directly with patients to educate them about their recovery process and medical needs.

Certain ARMS locations are also served by sub-specialists, such as Neurologists, Nephrologists, Plastic Surgery and Wound Care. This additional expertise allows ARMS to provide more extensive medical support than many other medical practices. The end result is an industry revolution in post-hospital quality of care.

Because of the breakthroughs ARMS has achieved, its founding physicians, Dr. Jeremy Kirk and Dr. Adam Andres, were recognized as finalists in the Indianapolis Business Journal’s 15th Annual Healthcare Heroes Awards!

The ARMS Difference

ARMS can offer the highest level of care outside of a hospital setting. The ARMS care model is an industry-changing approach to quality, rehab length of stay reduction and unprecedented decline in hospital readmissions.

ARMS has distinguished itself above other skilled nursing facility medical directors by:

  • Taking a proactive, physician-driven approach to care
  • Reducing hospital readmissions and average length of stay in short-term rehab – ARMS affiliated facilities consistently have a 30-day readmission rate that is only 8-9%
  • Utilizing providers that are knowledgeable and have extensive experience with high-acuity patients – this experience contributes to an unprecedented comfort level for managing “sicker” patients in a post-hospital setting
  • ARMS does not use a call center – providers deliver exceptional availability for patient rounding plus 24/7 direct phone access for on-call coverage
  • Offering outstanding communication with clinical staff, patients and primary care physicians
  • Taking a leading role in improving care – ARMS physicians and nurse practitioners participate fully in partnering facilities’ quality programs and offer educational opportunities for their caregiving team members
  • Physician-to-physician collaboration that keeps care plans moving forward for the benefit of patients
  • Continually reviewing patient cases to monitor quality and look for potential opportunities for process and care improvements

Skilled nursing facilities that partner with ARMS are the clear choice for high-quality, post-hospital care.

If you have any questions about referring patients to an ARMS facility, please contact us.

What to Expect with ARMS

ARMS providers see rehab patients on a regular basis and work closely with Skilled Nursing Facility staff to monitor and ensure a high standard of care is being delivered at all times. Providers take an active role to ensure patients have a full understanding of their recovery process:

  • ARMS providers see each patient as often as their medical condition requires
  • ARMS providers do not use an answering service – Skilled Nursing Facility staff have 24-hour direct phone access to the provider on-call to communicate urgent patient needs; secure texts are used for less urgent needs
  • ARMS providers answer all patient questions about their medical condition and any ongoing medication management requirements
  • Upon discharge, all patients are provided with medication reconciliation and any necessary 30-day prescriptions
  • ARMS provides proactive communication with patients’ primary care physicians. Within one week of discharge, PCPs receive a thorough summary detailing rehab progress and care by ARMS providers.

The high level of provider involvement means that when patients are ready to return home, they will be discharged in a safe and timely fashion.