ARMS patients are nearly 50% less likely to get re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge when compared to the national average.

As the graph below demonstrates, patients across the nation have a 17.3% chance of having their recovery interrupted by a another hospitalization, but ARMS patients have only an 8.8% chance. Choosing the right place for rehab care matters. Choose ARMS.

ARMS Re-hospitalization rates

We are a group of multi-specialty physicians who are experienced in high-acuity inpatient care. From the hospital to the acute rehab facility we embrace your medical needs as you transition through varying levels of care on your road to recovery. Partnering with select rehabilitation centers, home care agencies and other post-hospitalization providers has allowed us to provide a high level of oversight previously unheard of in post-hospitalization care.

ARMS physicians are trained to identify and resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Moreover, through access to subspecialists such as Neurology and Nephrology, our physicians produce the highest level of care outside of a hospital setting. The end result of this is an industry revolution in quality of care, rehab length of stay reduction, and unprecedented decline in hospital readmissions.


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